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Leslie Dongell: How to Use Facebook for Business Marketing

Leslie Dongell an Social Media Marketer

· Leslie Dongell

As a social media marketer Leslie Dongell knows to dream of having thousands of friends on Facebook will not happen overnight. According to Leslie Dongell you will need to invest in your social media efforts.


Facebook, a popular and active social media marketing platform. And now you can easily use Facebook to make your business marketing successful.

Here Leslie Dongell shares some points to make business marketing successful by using Facebook:

  • By Creating a Business Page

Firstly Log into your Facebook account


Create a business page


Use Paid feature to Promote your business

Done analysis of page activity and insights

  • By Creating a Business Community Group

Log into your Facebook account, find the Create a group


Set up your business community group

Make your group an active discussion forum

Create a business event in your group community

  • By Advertising Using Facebook Ads
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